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Born in Dunkirk, NY, in the mid-60's, I grew up in a small town environment - lots of family, lots of friends, and good memories. After high school graduation (the DHS Class of 1983 is the best!), I moved up to Rochester, NY to attend college at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Four and half years later, with my Bachelors of Science degree in computers, I moved south to North Carolina and began working in software development and support. During this period, I met and fell in love with the woman who would become my wife in 1990 - Terri. We've been happily married since. Our one and only son was born five years later.

I've switched jobs a couple times since then. In 2005, we moved to Hickory, NC; in 2014, we moved again to Macomb, MI.

In 2017, I began graduate school online at Wayne State University where I am working on my Master's degree in Library and Information Science. I am currently employed part-time as a substitute librarian at my local public library.

Hobbies Online

Champions RPG

For over a decade (1989 to 2000) I was an active member of the Clobberin' Times, an APA (amateur press association) devoted to a super-hero roleplaying game known as Champions (put out by Hero Games). Through the APA I met some of my closest friends in the world, including the creators of the Nice Guy comic - Mike O'Connell and Tim Watts.

One of the spin off projects of the APA was an interactive fictional universe by the various APA members called the Omniverse. I was responsible for the Victoria City portion of that world and did a number of fictional tales of a heroine I called Lodestone.

The members of the old paper APA have brought it full circle with the Clobberin' Times: Online. I have my own sub-site with the World of Maenza: Online, my gaming enviroment with all new, online content including more fiction!


For three years (2000 to 2003) I was part of an online DC Comics Fanfiction project called the Five Earths Project that operated out of a number of Yahoo Groups. I did over 130 stories during that time. Click here for quick access to my tales for the groups.


My long-running blog is Martin's View. I have done over a thousand classic album reviews, and more, there.